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Connecting PhD’s with Science Professionals

This website is to provide content regarding careers in STEM, advice for graduate and postdoctoral students, as well as other interesting finds.

Use the search menu below to find a topic on a career or other advice.

Our “Past events” page shares the advertisements from the seminar and events held on UConn Health campus, seminars held off-campus, or online platforms.

On blog is created by students for students. These articles provide content provided by career related events/ seminars/ other related content.

Hey, conducting science is a busy time.

It’s hard to schedule your life around all these webinars.

You may even feel a little overwhelmed. AIOG writes these opinion and sometimes anecdotal pieces in order to help you think about post-graduation without taking you away from the lab. We are here to help!

Due to COVID-19 all 2020 seminars and workshops on campus have been cancelled. In response, we have decided to host or publish media on this website for anyone interested in being inspired to find their next home in science.

Best of luck searching for your next science home, beyond the PhD.

Brittany Knight PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
AIOG Public Relations Officer
AIOG Writer and Editor
AIOG Postdoc liaison

Type “challenge” or “MSL” in the “Help me find my next career” search bar

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