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You are on the PhD train and you arrive at the Dissertation Defense Station.

Where are you headed now?

Are you going to get back on the train? Or perhaps you’ve decided you are interested in going some place new? Some place that promotes change in society, helps people, or utilizes your interpersonal and professional skills?

AIOG is here to help guide you, maybe inspire you, but to essentially provide a service for PhD students and post-doctoral students that are unsure about what to do beyond their PhD.


By hosting online seminars we hope to introduce our participants to scientific professionals across various career fields.

Honest & Factual

We aim to provide factual information to the best of our ability for our colleagues and peers, both those we have met and those we may have only met online.

Career advice

Our teammates write thoughtful articles that hopefully enable our viewers to consider new career path. Additional materials are shared as motivation for interested individuals to develop their skills and plan for their life beyond the PhD.

Career handshake

AIOG hopes to introduce our viewers to a variety of careers PhD’s in STEM-related fields can enter post-graduation or following a postdoctoral fellowship.

Let’s make something together.

Type “challenge” in search bar to get started.

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