You are on the academic train and you arrive at a cross roads…

Are you going to get back on the academic train? Or perhaps you’ve decided you are interested in going some place new. Some place that promotes change in society, helps communicate science to lay audiences, help inventors draft patents, teach, or maybe you don’t know but you are open to something new in general. You are at the right place! By attending our events you may learn about a new direction you can apply your skills, or a goal to pursue following your graduate school training.

Whatever your reason, AIOG is here to help guide you to find your career beyond the PhD.

On blog is created by students for students. These articles provide content provided by career related events/ seminars/ other related content. Most events are recorded for anyone who may have missed the event.

Please contact us if you want to hear about a specific career or field.

We are currently looking for volunteers that are interested in writing blog articles, organizing events, and interviewing professionals -all of which can be useful for resume building and networking!

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